SCREENGUARD® Stainless Steel Mesh Security System

Bushfire tested

SCREENGUARD® Security Screens Emergency Exit Points

NEW: Security screen access by SCREENGUARD®


Passed Australian Standard testing for security windows AS5041.


SCREENGUARD® design - helping to keep you safe.

  • Easy operation
  • Simple release with one opening motion
  • Design registered
  • Unique built-in locking action - no extra locks needed
  • Self supporting - stays open while you escape


Regular inspection and operation of emergency exit screens is recommended as an extra safety precaution.


Emergency Plan & Suggestions

  • Make a family escape plan in case of fire and practise this regularly with your family.
  • Install smoke alarms and frequently check they are working
  • Leave keys in your deadlock when you are at home
  • Have a meeting place outside the building
  • Be sure each room has at least 2 exit points
  • Be sure at least one window screen in each room has a release device
  • Tell guests and visitors about the plan and demonstrate your exit points


Security screens can help keep your family safe. Did you know they can also trap you in a deadly fire?

This is why SCREENGUARD® developed the ACCESS system.



SCREENGUARD ACCESS logo is a registered trademark (number 1559324).